Zagreb Hackathon

The consortium headed by the Faculty of Geodesy and sponsored by the Ministry of Science and Education organizes Copernicus Hackathon Zagreb for Croatia and Slovenia

place and date

Hackathon will be held on 23rd and 24th October, 2019 at the University Computer Center - Srce, Ul. Josipa Marohnića 5, 10000, Zagreb, Croatia


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Promotions at faculties and schools

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  • 23 April 2019

Over the past 40 days we have been working intensively on the Copernicus Hackathon Zagreb promotion

We have met highly motivated and interested students and colleagues and now we are waiting October for Hackathon to start.

As part of the promotion, we visited many high schools and faculties and we held two final promotions in Split and Zagreb.

How did that look you can see it on Facebook's Space Journal page

Hackathon Zagreb on national TV

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  • 17 April 2019

On 17th April 2019 Copernicus Hackathon Zagreb was announced in Tv show "Dobro Jutro Hrvatska" (Good morning Croatia).

If you missed live broadcast on the HRT show from the Faculty of Geodesy, here's the chance to look at it. Coordinator of Copernicus hackathona Zagreb prof. Željko Bačić and organizer Zvonimir Nevistić, told the audience about what kind of regional competition is about what we are expecting in Zagreb on October 23rd and 24th

You can watch the video on the facebook of the Space Journal or at this link

Where you can follow us?

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  • 08 March 2019

Official newsletter of Copernicus Hackathon Zagreb is Space Journalwhere you can find all information related to the organization of Hackathon and its accompanying activities. If you would like to receive the new Space Journal issues, please like our Facebook page and let us know to put you on the mail list.

Apart from the Space Journal, all information will be available on the website and Facbook page of event.

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Copernicus Hackathona portal pormotions

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  • 02 Svibnja 2019

Here you can read about Hackathon on national portals:

Državna geodetska uprava

Hrvatska komora ovlaštenih inženjera geodezije



Večernji list

Portal točja na i

Glas slavonije

Novi milenij



Poslovni dnevnik



Novi list


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  • 05 March 2019

Here you can download all documents

- Terms of participation

Local partners

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Copernicus Hackathon

The Copernicus Hackathon Programme, financed by the European Commission, will bring together developers, entrepreneurs and topic-specific experts to develop new applications based on Copernicus Earth observation (EO) data and services. Copernicus Hackathons will give people all over Europe the chance to come together and explore many application fields here on Earth with free and open space data from Copernicus. The European Commission annually finances up to 20 Hackathons throughout Europe in the form of a team competition where applications, for different areas or themes set at a particular event, are to be developed. The main purpose of this event is to promote the potential of Copernicus data and service to communities throughout Europe


Faculty of Geodesy organize regional Copernicus hackathon event for Croatia and Slovenia in Zagreb on October 23rd – 24th as a part of wider Copernicus promotion activity which we conduct in frame of our Copernicus Academy and Copernicus Relay activities in Croatia.

Hackathon will be held in two categories: PROFESSIONAL, intended for experts from the economy, scientists, researchers, innovators and students, which is also the official category of competitions and can be attended by persons over the age of 18 and PUPIL Category, intended for secondary school students which will be organized in cooperation with the Ministry of Science and Education.

The wider goals of this undertaking are to bring together business, academy and governmental stakeholder, raise their sensibility and knowledge on EO and Copernicus especially, promote Copernicus and other EU space programs, identify EO potentials in the region, establish stronger links among the stakeholders, foster development of business sector and EO uptake and create environment for regular organization of Copernicus hackathons and conferences.

The specific goals are to mobilize EO capacities in the Croatia and Slovenia, bring them together and provide support in their undertakings and development trough organization of hackathon, introduce them with EU programs which support development of EO sector (Copernicus Masters, Copernicus Accelerator, Copernicus Incubator, …).

Hackathon will be organized in the premises of Srce (University Computer Center) according to the program that will be published on the website. The competition will last two days, while award ceremony will be organized under the Copernicus conference on October 25th, also in the premises of Srce.

The program begins with the opening sesion and keynote lectures, after that, the contestants organize themselves in teams and choose the topic they for the innovative technological solution, application. Then, the hacking part starts, the time (day / night) foreseen for the implementation of the application. Official end of hacking is on evening of the second day when applicants will present their solutions, and the jury will determine the winners on the basis of presentations and realized ideas

All contestants will receive access to Copernicus program data (DIAS) and support of mentor during the event itself. The winning team in Professional category will get a seat in the Copernicus Accellerator program , while winners in the Pupil category and different thematic areas will receive other valuable awards that will be posted on the website. Throughout the event, participants will be provided with food, drinks and accompanying programs. Participation is free of charge to all contestants, and travel and accommodation costs will be covered for participants outside Zagreb..


Having in mind human potential of Croatia and Slovenia (6 million inhabitants together) and with the goal to involve in hackathon satisfactory and visible number of teams, with a view on strategic priorities of our partners (national and local government, business) we have foreseen three broader thematic areas for hackathon event:

- Smart cities and smart government

Environment protection and climate

Application in industry, agriculture and forestry.

Here you will be able to find the details of all the themes together with goals and expectations.


The main prize of Copernicus Hackathon Zagreb in the official category is the ticket for the Copernicus Accellerator programof the European Commission

The organizers, together with the sponsors and partners, have also secured other numerous, valuable awards!

You can see a list of all prizes by clicking on the picture or here.

Promotional activities

All information about Copernicus Hackathon in Zagreb can be found on our Facebook page, and the in Space Journal

If you want to receive news about Hackathon by e-mail, you can subscribe on newsletter on thislink

Various workshops, trainings and presentations will be organized within the media campaign and, presentations will be made through other media (TV and radio shows, internet portals, press, etc.). Hacakthon Media Activity Information will be followed and published on social networks and news on this websites.


Hackathon will start with opening session where, along with the welcoming word of the organizer and the presentation of partners there will be keynote lectures. Participants will be given a detailed view of the Copernicus program, service and access to data

In the second session, Hackathon's themes will be presented, and the participants will be divided into teams (it is possible to apply as a team) and have time to pitch ideas and choose the theme to create their own solution.

The third part is reserved for the implementation of the solution (Hacking part) and work with mentors, whereby the participants will present the preliminary results on two occasions.

At the end of the Hacking time, each team will present their solution, and the jury will determine the winners.

For all participants there will be organized coffee breaks, breakfast, lunch and dinner, and after the event cocktails reception. During the night, participants will be organized with food and drinks and accompanying entertainment activities



As part of Copernicus Hackathon Zagreb, the Copernicus Conference will be organized on October 25, 2019. At the conference, prizes will be awarded to the best teams.

The program, lecturers and other information related to the conference can be found here!


University Computing Center (Srce), Ul. Josipa Marohnića 5, 10000, Zagreb

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Who can apply?

The main target group consists out of ICT and geoinformatics/geodetic SME’s, research teams on universities and institutes as well as PhD and Master students active in field of geoinformatics. The secondary target group are, following the general broader idea of supporting EO technology and Copernicus implementation in Croatia, secondary school scholars for which parallel hackathon session will be organized. Third target group (broader scope) are: ICT and geodesy/geoinformatics companies and professionals in general General population. In the professional category, all EU citizens, Norway and Iceland aged 18 and over can apply, and in pupil category, secondary school students from EU, Norway and Iceland.

Throughout the event, participants will be provided with food, drinks and accompanying programs. Participation is free of charge to all, and participants outside Zagreb will be coverd for travel and accommodation expenses.



For the purpose of organizing the event, a partner consortium led by the Faculty of Geodesy was established. The consortium consists of governmental and academic institutions, associations and ICT companies that play a key role in Croatia in the field of ICT, EO, science and education and as an external member, an academic institution from Slovenia. The organization is sponsored by the Ministry of Science and Education of the Republic of Croatia (MZO).


The main organizer of Copernicus Hackathon in Zagreb is the Faculty of Geodesy. Hackathon is organized for the territory of Croatia and Slovenia. Faculty of Geodesy with Hackathon continues the promotion of the Copernicus within Copernicus Academy and Relay activities in Croatia.

Representatives of the Faculty of Geodesy in Copernicus Hackathon Zagreb organization are::

- Željko Bačić - Hackathon coordinator

- Vesna Poslončec - Petrić - Marketing and dissemination

- Zvonimir Nevistić - Events organizer

- Andrija Krtalić - Training, coaching, evaluation

- Ana Kuveždić Divjak - Training, coaching

- Valentina Vuković - Promotion activities

- Danijel Šugar - Training organization


Hackathon is sponsored by Ministry of science and education

Organization partners are: City of Zagreb, State Geodetic Administration, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing, Forestry faculty, Croatian employers association, Ericsson – Nikola Tesla, Amphinicy Ltd., GDI Ltd. i University Computing Center.

The organizing committee of Hackathon Zagreb:

Darko Šiško, City of Zagreb

Iva Gašparović, State Geodetic Administration

Željka Molak - Župan, State Geodetic Administration

Marijan Marjanović, State Geodetic Administration

Dario Bojanjac, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing

Ante Seletković, Forestry faculty

Jasminka Martinović, Croatian employers association

Karlo Guštin, Ericsson Nikola Tesla

Tiana Pribanić, Ericsson Nikola Tesla

Tomislav Nakić Alfirević, Amphinicy

Andrej Lončarić, GDi

Suzana Kikić, University Computing Center

Sandra Kučina-Softić, University Computing Center

Anka Lisec, Faculty of Civil Engineering and Geodesy, University of Ljubljana


The list of mentors can be found here.


The jury members can be found here.

Copernicus conference

p>As part of Copernicus Hackathon Zagreb, the Copernicus Conference will be organized on October 25, 2019. At the conference, prizes will be awarded to the best teams.

The program, lecturers and other information related to the conference can be found here!


In order to get the best possible preparation for the competition, in September, one month before the start, Copernicus training was held. The training was held by relevant experts from EO field, and participants were provided with a detailed insight into the possibilities of using Data and Copernicus services. As part of the training, the DIAS Internet Platform was used to search, manipulate, process and retrieve data, which will be used by participants in the competition itself.

More about training you can see in videos below.

Prezentacije s Treninga



tel: + 385 (1) 4639 538